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Regulatory Compliance & Financial Reporting

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Strategy & Implementation

Skills and competencies in this area includes the following:

∙ Strategy determination & prioritization
∙ Process Improvement Analysis
∙ Business Performance Development
∙ Balance sheet structuring through identification of core and non-core assets (acquisition and disposals)
∙ Working capital optimization
∙ Cost management including considerations for vertical integration (make or buy analysis)
∙ Analysis of sales channels, consideration for new markets and products
∙ Project management of strategic objectives (Budgets, team planning, phase management, reporting)
∙ Business development (Proposals etc.)

Venture Fund Management

Skills and competencies in this area includes the following:

∙ VC Fund Management 

Market research and target analysis for new investments/current investments
∙ Financial analysis and ratio analysis
∙ Financial Due diligence
∙ Financial modelling including Forecasting/budgeting
∙ Valuations (Discounted cash flows, Multiples methods, etc.)
∙ Share Purchase Agreements (SPA) support
∙ Funding/financing considerations (funding instruments and capital structure)
∙ Project management of investment initiatives

∙ Investment Governance

Financial / Compliance Reporting

Skills and competencies in this area includes the following:

∙ Regulatory Compliance
∙ Regulatory Financial Reporting
∙ Cost & Financial Modelling
∙ Risk assessment (Internal controls and compliance)
∙ IFRS Reporting
∙ GRAP reporting (Public sector reporting)
∙ Income tax and VAT reporting
∙ Governance and ethics (King reporting, Companies Act)
∙ Audit readiness and reporting (International Standards on Auditing)
∙ B-BBEE reporting (specialization in financial services)
∙ Other legislative reporting

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